Integrating Optimizely with Shopify


What does this integration do and why is it valuable?

It’s a difficult, error-prone process to correctly install Optimizely on Shopify stores. Revenue tracking in particular is hard to set up reliably. And even after installation, there’s a steep learning curve to running site-wide experiments that target specific Shopify templates. (E.g. running an A/B test on all product pages.)

This app automates the installation process, and includes robust hooks for revenue and “cart” events. It also provides 7 built-in experiments, configured specifically for Shopify’s URL structure. It is, by far, the easiest way for Shopify stores to get started on Optimizely, and there is almost no learning curve.

Additionally this app allows you to track revenue on all Shopify plans, not just Plus plans (which have custom checkout domains). This works by relaying client-side events (e.g. “order created”) to our event server, which generates an API request on behalf of the client.


Do I need a particular plan or contract with the partner to use the integration?

You will need a Shopify store, and the app costs $29/mo (for basic stores), after a 7 day free trial.

Do I need to have the partner’s technology installed already?

Yes, you will only need this app if you have a Shopify store.

Is there any other special configuration needed?

No. The app allows you to install Optimizely on your Shopify store in 1 click. It’s by far the fastest, easiest way to get Optimizely up and running on Shopify.

Enable the integration

How do I set up the integration to establish a connection between technologies? What do I need to do in Optimizely? What do I need to do in the partner product?

Just install the app on your Shopify store and follow the prompts to generate a Personal Access Token on Optimizely. At that point you'll be able to create empty experiments, to be configured and published on Optimizely.

Use the new integration

How do I leverage this integration for an experiment, campaign, audience, etc?

You can use one of the 7 built-in experiments to quickly run new A/B tests, on every Shopify page type. (Products, Blogs, Collections, etc.)

How long will it take to see changes go live?

You will need to configure and publish experiments on Optimizely before they go live. Follow the prompts in the app to do this.

How do I customize the behavior of this integration?

You can uninstall the app on Shopify, which will remove the Optimizely embed code and pause any running experiments. Other than that, the app is mainly used to create blank experiments, which are customized and published via the Optimizely dashboard.

QA and troubleshooting

How do I verify that the integration is working as expected?

Look for the banner at the top of our admin page that says everything is "up and running."

What are common ways for this to go wrong — that I should know about?

If you revoke access to our Personal Access Token, the app will be unable to create new experiments on Optimizely (event tracking will still work, however).

How do I debug problems with the integration?

If there are any issues in this app, they will be visible as error messages in the browser’s JavaScript console or displayed directly to you.

Are there any common issues? How do I troubleshoot?

I worked hard to handle most errors and provide you with feedback whenever possible. If there are any technical problems my team provides lightning-fast support! We typically turn around customer emails in < 5 minutes, so shoot us a note.

7-day free trial

From $29/mo, price varies based on shopify plan. Details.

Customers can see multiples of this in increased revenue.

Install now on Shopify

Does not include Optimizely, a separate service.